D. 2018 Notes

  • The beginner’s class has been taught by resident Susan Houle.

The following video demonstrates Vine/grapevines, shuffle steps, coaster steps, sailor steps, steplock steps, kickball change, pivot turns, and heel hitch.

Above photo shows 2018 beginners line dance class (Instructor Susan Houle is in 2nd row in blue top behind guy in red shirt)

Below are links to STEP SHEETS and Youtube videos, for some of Susan Houle’s Jan 2018 Beginner Line Dance Class:

  • Feb 12 – Baby Doll Waltz:  Step Sheet |cannot find video for this version
  • Feb 12 – Walking After Midnight:  Step Sheet | cannot find video for this version

FYI: Step sheets for most of the line dances done at Meridian Manor can be viewed in MM Google Drive Step Sheet Album #1.