2. New Dances

This section last modified 6/24/2020

Stepsheets for our ‘New’ Dances:
We have PDF stepsheets for some of the new dances.
They are in Google Drive, Album 2 – New Step Sheets

2A. List of NEW Dances:

  1. Beginner Cha Cha <beg> (no ss) 24 count, 4 wall., choreographer unknown
  2. Cowboy Crisscross <beg> (ss) 36 count, 1 wall, by Kym Billings
  3. Open Book <non-beg> (ss-ck) 32 count, 4 wall, by Jo Thompson Szymanski (rumba rhythm)
  4. Shy Waltz <beg> (ss-ck) 24 count, 4 wall, by Anne Hewitt (Shy-Anne)
  5. They Call You Senorita <non-beg> (no-ss) 32 count, 4 wall, a slightly modified version of Senorita La La La (Tiana R. video)

By James R. Ingram


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