For New Dancers: Nearby Places To Learn Line Dancing

Option 1 – Meridian Manor Beginner Classes (winter only)

  • Susan Houle (#117) is the person who who has been giving the Wednesday afternoon beginner sessions.
  • Meridian Manor also has the Thursday night sessions led by Jan Anderson and John Cline, but they tend to cater to the more experienced dancers.

Option 2 – Kort Kurdi (year round)

  • There’s a guy that teaches at Powerpoint named Kort Kurdi )
    • He does dances that are even SIMPLER than what Susan uses.
    • Rita and I attended one of his sessions in 2016.
  • I recommend you try at least ONE of his sessions sometime.
  • He has you just stepping to one side, then stepping to the other side, very SIMPLE to get started.

Option 3 – Dee Dee Dougherty (winter only)

Option 4 – Private Lessons, Kym Billings (year round)

  • The woman who teaches at Cowboys Up and Superstition Skies also does private lessons.
  • She charges a fairly reasonable rate.
  • As of Feb. 2017, she teaches line dancing from 4 pm to 6 pm at Cowboys Up, located on the Apache Trail.
  • Although beginners are welcome at her Cowboys Up classes, the pace may be a bit challenging.